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Student Assistant

Investigating Web-Services for Reproducible Science


Web applications and services are finding their way into all fields of scientific research. With their increasing use, the number of available service for the same purpose grows excessively. Your task will be to evaluate different service with respect to their applicability in reproducible research. The task includes not only installation and testing of available software, but also proposing solutions for complex problems that actually will be employed in future research. In particular this involves:

  • Surveying web services and applications for different purposes in the research workflow
  • Collecting and analysing web services with respect to their applicability in reproducible research
  • Investigating the applicability in the CRC ELAINE


  • Conscientious and precise way of working
  • Good programming skills in JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby as well as experiences with web development techniques and tools
  • Experiences with Linux system administration
  • Experiences with virtualisation techniques
  • Experiences with source code versioning systems, e. g. Git and SVN

If you are interested, please apply via email. Please include a list of your latest projects and application

specific experiences.


Download announcement as pdf