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Research Group Communications Engineering

Research Areas

  • Wireless Communications
  • Information Theory
  • Error Correction Coding
  • Single- and Multi-Carrier Transmission
  • Multiple-Input Mulitple-Output Communications (e.g. multiple antenna systems)
  • Cooperative strategies in relay networks
  • Compressed Sensing

Communication Networks

  • Lab for Communication Systems ComLab

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Volker Kühn

Phone:   0381 / 498-7330
Fax:   0381 / 498-7302
Room:   W: 8.233
E-Mail:   volker.kuehn(at)

Institut für Nachrichtentechnik
R.-Wagner-Str. 31 (Haus 8)
18119 Rostock/Warnemünde

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PhD thesis defense

Date: 17. of October 2019

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