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Topics for Student Projects of Communications Engineering

Students which attend courses our institute and would like to deepen their knowledge we offer topics in different fields of research and application (see open topics). Together with a competent supervisor you discuss the topic and you have the chance to incorporate in your ideas. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation.


Open Topics

Kind of work Topic Work group Contact person
Bachelor Anwendung von Compressed Sensing in der Schallfeldanalyse Prof. Spors Prof. Spors
Bachelor Bestimmung von Panning-Funktionen durch binaurale Modelle Prof. Spors Prof. Spors
Bachelor Implementierung von Vector-Base Amplitude Panning Prof. Spors Prof. Spors
Bachelor Design and implementation of a MIMO channel sounder Prof. Weber Prof. Weber
Bachelor Durchführen von Kanalmessungen in MIMOSystemen zur kabellosen Energieübertragung Prof. Weber M.Sc. Karsten Wiedmann
Bachelor Untersuchung von nichtlinearen Modulationsverfahren für die parametrische Kommunikation Prof. Weber M.Sc. Karsten Wiedmann
Bachelor Untersuchung einer Schallfeldfokussierung im Hinblick auf die Generierung nichtlinearer Schallfeldanteile Prof. Weber M.Sc. Karsten Wiedmann
Master Optische Partikellokalisation mittels Phase Retrieval Prof. Kühn M.Sc. Daniel Franz
Master Implementierung einer 3D-Benutzerschnittstelle für räumliche Audiowiedergabe Prof. Spors Prof. Spors
Master Phasenrückgewinnung bei der Kommunikation über den quadrierenden Kanal Prof. Weber M.Sc. Karsten Wiedmann
Master Relay-Aided Interference Alignment in Networks with Local Connectivity Prof. Weber Prof. Weber
Master Untersuchung der Richtwirkung eines nichtlinear erzeugten Schallfelds Prof. Weber M.Sc. Karsten Wiedmann
Master Performances of relay-aided interference alignment in fully connected cellular networks Prof. Weber Prof. Weber
Master Frequency prediction of the channel transfer functions in multiple antenna systems Prof. Weber Prof. Weber
Master Localization of mobile users based on time-of-arrival and direction-of-arrival estimation algorithms in non line-of-sight environments Prof. Weber Prof. Weber
Bachelor, Master, Projekt Analyse und Synthese von Sendesignalen für Parametrische Sedimentecholote Prof. Weber Prof. Weber
Bachelor, Master, Projekt Untersuchung von Verfahren zur Schätzung der Kanalantwort Prof. Weber Prof. Weber
Literaturarbeit Optimierung von Systemen zur kabellosen Energieübertragung Prof. Weber M.Sc. Karsten Wiedmann
Studien-/Projektarbeit Requirements on Measurement Matricies for Compressed Sensing Prof. Kühn M.Sc. Daniel Franz

Topics in Process

Kind of work Topic List Advisor Issuer Start
Bachelor thesis Human Localisation in Near-Field-Compensated Higher-Order Ambisonics M.Sc. Fiete Winter, Prof. Spors Paul Frenkel 11/2017
Master thesis Threshold of detection of noise in a binaural room impulse response DI Vera Erbes, Prof. Spors Bassem Zaitoon 09/2017
Bachelor thesis Design and Implementation of a Modular Network Interface for a Realtime Audio Rendering Application Prof. Spors Kevin Michalev 09/2017
Master thesis Time-Varying System Indentifikation of Mimo Acoustic System M.Sc. Nara Hahn, Prof. Spors Gopalam Moram 08/2017
Master thesis Acoustic Localization of Cavitation Events DI Till Rettberg, Prof. Spors Wiebcke Hahne 06/2017
Master thesis A centralized optimization for mobile offloading via Cloud Computing M.Sc. Chen Di, Prof. Kühn Muhammad Sarwar 05/2017

Completed Topics 2017

Kind of work Topic Advisor Issuer Completed
Master thesis Reconstruction of correlated sensor signals via Baysian approximate message passing M.Sc. Franz, Prof. Kühn Clemens-Konrad Müller 09/2017
Master thesis Perceptually optimized reproduction of recorded sound fields in a reverberant room Dr.-Ing. Eugen Rasumow, Prof. Spors Hjördis Riebesel 06/2017
Master thesis Lokalisation von Kavitationsereignissen mittels verteilter Hydrofone DI Rettberg, Prof. Spors David Liermann 04/2017
Bachelor thesis Listener Tracking for local Sound Field Synthesis M.Sc. Winter, Prof. Spors Felix Immohr 04/2017
Bachelor thesis Phasen-Rückgewinnung dünn besetzter Signale am Beispiel des GESPAR-Algorithmus M.Sc. Franz, Prof. Kühn David Nupnau 03/2017


Older Topics

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