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Topics for Student Projects of Communications Engineering

Students which attend courses our institute and would like to deepen their knowledge we offer topics in different fields of research and application (see open topics). Together with a competent supervisor you discuss the topic and you have the chance to incorporate in your ideas. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation.


Open Topics

Kind of work Topic Work group Contact person
Master project Multi-Carrier Compressed Sensing By Spectral Estimation Methods Prof. Kühn Dr. Henryk Richter
Master project Inverted Pendulum with imparted sensor information Prof. Kühn Dr. Henryk Richter
Bachelor / Master / Software Investigation of machine learning techniques for classification of scientific texts Prof. Spors Dr. Frank Krüger
Bachelor Anwendung von Compressed Sensing in der Schallfeldanalyse Prof. Spors Prof. Spors
Bachelor Bestimmung von Panning-Funktionen durch binaurale Modelle Prof. Spors Prof. Spors
Bachelor Implementierung von Vector-Base Amplitude Panning Prof. Spors Prof. Spors
Master Compressive Sensing for Correlated Sensor Signals - Optimizing the Sensing Matrix Prof. Kühn DI Clemens-Konrad Müller
Master Implementierung einer 3D-Benutzerschnittstelle für räumliche Audiowiedergabe Prof. Spors Prof. Spors
Master project Reconstruction of Signals Compressed by Distributed, Information Bottleneck Optimized Quantizers Prof. Kühn DI Steffen Steiner
Bachelor / Master / Project Aufbau und Inbetriebnahme eines FMCW-Radarsystems Prof. Weber Prof. Weber
Bachelor / Master Reproducibility of Jupyter Notebook Analyses Prof. Spors M.Sc. Max Schröder

Topics in Process

Kind of work Topic List Advisor Issuer Start
Master thesis Analysis of the Rate Region for Distributed Compression in Sensor Networks DI Clemens-Konrad Müller, Prof. Kühn Amirarsalan Moatazedian 10/2019
Master thesis Stability prognosis in GMA robot welding DI Sebastian Rieck, Prof. Spors Muhammad Imran 10/2019
Master thesis An Auditory Model for Azimuthal Localisation in Sound Field Synthesis M.Sc. Fiete Winter, Prof. Spors Felix Immohr 07/2019
Master thesis Optimizing the Compression in Distributed Sensor Systems with the Alternating Information Bottleneck Principle DI Steffen Steiner, Prof. Kühn Jeremy Aweda 03/2019

Completed Topics 2019

Kind of work Topic Advisor Issuer Completed
Spezialisierungsmodul EE Investigating Artificial Neural Networks with Quantized Representations DI Clemens-Konrad Müller, Prof. Kühn Siddarth Marwaha 09/2019
Spezialisierungsmodul EE Implementation and Comparison of Iterative Information Bottleneck and Parametric Information Bottleneck DI Clemens-Konrad Müller, Prof. Kühn Amirarsalan Moatazedian 09/2019
Bachelor thesis Zur Wahrnehmbarkeit von Impulsantwortgrundrauschen bei Anwendungen der virtuellen Akustik M.Sc. Wiebke Hahne, Prof. Spors Tim Scheel 05/2019
Master thesis Target angle separation in automotive radar systems with complexity reduced deterministic maximum likelihood Dr. Christian Westhues, Prof. Weber Subodh Mohanrao Kurkute 05/2019
Master thesis Untersuchung und Auswertung von Bildinformationen in einer Bienenbeute zur Bestimmung von zoologischen Markern Dr. Richter, Prof. Kühn Stefan Pöhland 04/2019
Specialization Module EE Analysis and Implementation of Sequential Information Bottleneck and KL-means Information Bottleneck DI Steffen Steiner, Prof. Kühn Muhammad Aziz Ur Rehman 03/2019
Specialization Module EE Optimization of Quantization for Imperfect Channel Knowledge DI Steffen Steiner, Prof. Kühn Pouya Afshin 03/2019
Specialization Module EE Joint Optimization of distributed quantization of statistically dependent signals using the Information Bottleneck method DI Clemens-Konrad Müller, Prof. Kühn Jeremy Aweda 03/2019
Specialization Module EE Joint Optimization of distributed quantization with rate constraints using the Information Bottleneck method DI Clemens-Konrad Müller, Prof. Kühn Ramya Vasist 03/2019
Specialization Module EE Convergence Analysis of Alternating Information Bottleneck for Joint Optimization of Distributed Quantization DI Clemens-Konrad Müller, Prof. Kühn Waheed Ejaz 03/2019
Specialization Module EE Compressed Sensing using the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers M.Sc. Daniel Franz, Prof. Kühn Fazal Fawad 03/2019
Master thesis Classification of environmental, psychological and emotional factors from audio recordings Dr. Frank Krüger, Prof. Spors Sergej Bauer 03/2019
Master thesis Optimization of a robus modulation and coding scheme for vehicular dark light communication DI Claas Tebrügge, Dr. Richter, Prof. Kühn Gauri Joshi 02/2019
Master thesis Detection of structured signals with Hybrid Approximate Message Passing M.Sc. Daniel Franz, Prof. Kühn Asad Ali 01/2019


Older Topics

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