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Research Group Signal Processing and Virtual Acoustics

The research group Signal Processing and Virtual Acoustics focuses on audio signal processing, virtual acoustics and psychoacoustics in research and education. Novel approaches for the analysis and synthesis of spatial sound fields and their evaluation are of special interest.


Research Focus

  • Analysis of sound fields by spherical microphone arrays
  • Binaural synthesis
  • Synthesis of sound fields (Wave Field Synthesis, Higher-Order Ambisonics)
  • Perception of synthetic sound fields
  • (Real-time) Implementation of algorithms for the analysis and synthesis of sound fields

Further Information

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sascha Spors

Phone:   0381 / 498-7300
Fax:   0381 / 498-7302
Room:   W: 8226
E-Mail:   sascha.spors(at)uni-rostock.de

Institut für Nachrichtentechnik
R.-Wagner-Str. 31 (Haus 8)
18119 Rostock/Warnemünde

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