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Cooperative Transmission for increased Reliability in Mobile Relay Networks

In recent years, peak data rates of cellular communication networks have been improved remarkable. LTE advanced aims to provide rates up to 168 Mbit/s. A key challenge still remaining is to ensure acceptable rates especially at the cell edges. One possibility to improve coverage is to decrease the cell size at the expense of high infrastructure costs (CAPEX). An attractive alternative is the deployment of relay nodes which allow for high data rates even at cell borders. Relays need not to be as powerful as conventional base stations and they do not require a connection to a backbone network. They lower the path loss between nodes and enable space diversity by cooperative strategies.

The project investigates multiple access and transmission techniques for relay networks. Besides generell relay concepts, orthogonal access techniques like TDMA and OFDMA will be compared with nonorthogonale techniques like IDMA. While orthogonal approaches allow simple receiver structures, they require an appropriate synchronization with a corresponding signaling overhead. Contrarily, nonorthogonalen techniques do not require synchronization but have to cope at the receiver with multiuser interference. Advantages and disadvantages of orthogonal and nonorthogonal approaches shall be compared under realistic conditions. As a special topic, appropriate coding techniques in relay networks have to be analyzed.


German National Science Foundation (DFG), 2007 - 2012


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