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Kühn, V.; Bailon, D. N.; Freudenberger, J.:
Mutual Information Analysis for Generalized Spatial Modulation Systems With Multilevel Coding. In: IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society, Nr. 3 (7/2022), S. 1222-1233
ISSN: 2644-125X, doi:10.1109/OJCOMS.2022.3193068
Steiner, S.; Aminu, A. D.; Kühn, V.:
Distributed Quantization for Partially Cooperating Sensors Using the Information Bottleneck Method. In: Entropy, Bd. 24, Nr. 4 (3/2022)
ISSN: 1099-4300, doi:10.3390/e24040438
Müller-Graf, F.; Merz, J.; Bandorf, T.; Albus, C. F.; Henkel, M.; Krukewitt, L.; Kühn, V.; Reuter, S.; Vollmar, B.; Pulletz, S.; Böhm, S. H.; Reuter, D. A.; Zitzmann, A.:
Correlation of Pulse Wave Transit Time with Pulmonary Artery Pressure in a Porcine Model of Pulmonary Hypertension. In: Biomedicines, Bd. 9, Nr. 9 (9/2021)
Steiner, S.; Kühn, V.; Stark, M.; Bauch, G.:
Reduced-Complexity Optimization of Distributed Quantization using the Information Bottleneck Principle. In: IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society, Bd. 2 (5/2021), S. 1267-1278
Büscher, N.; Gis, D.; Kühn, V.; Haubelt, C.:
On the Functional and Extra-Functional Properties of IMU Fusion Algorithms for Body-Worn Smart Sensors. In: Sensors, Bd. 21, Nr. 8 (4/2021)
ISSN: 1424-8220, doi:10.3390/s21082747
Damaschke, N.; Kühn, V.; Nobach, H.:
Bias correction for direct spectral estimation from irregularly sampled data including sampling schemes with correlation. In: EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing (1/2021)
Damaschke, N.; Kühn, V.; Nobach, H.:
A Fair Review of Non-parametric Bias-free Autocorrelation and Spectral Methods for Randomly Sampled Data in Laser Doppler Velocimetry. In: Digital Signal Processing, Bd. 76 (5/2018), S. 22-33
Richter, H.; Stabernack, B.; Kühn, V.:
Architectural Decomposition of Video Decoders by Means of an Intermediate Data Stream Format. In: Journal of Signal Processing Systems (7/2013), S. 1-20
ISSN: 1939-8018, doi:10.1007/s11265-013-0792-9
Schedler, S.; Kühn, V.:
Resource Allocation for the Multiple Access Relay Channels and OFDMA. In: EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, Bd. 2013, Nr. 1 (2013)
Angierski, A.; Richter, H.; Kühn, V.; Damaschke, N.:
Extension of SoS Sampling Kernels for 2-D FRI Problems. In: Electronics Letters, Bd. 48, Nr. 9 (4/2012), S. 527-528
ISSN: 0013-5194, doi:10.1049/el.2012.0690
Ahrens, A.; Ng, S. X.; Kühn, V.; Hanzo, L.:
Modulation-mode assignment for SVD-aided and BICM-assisted spatial division multiplexing. In: Physical Communication, Bd. 1, Nr. 1 (3/2008), S. 60-66
Dekorsy, A.; Kühn, V.; Kammeyer, K.-D.:
Low Rate Channel Coding with Complex Valued Block Codes. In: IEEE Transactions on Communications, Bd. 51, Nr. 5 (2003), S. 800-809
Kühn, V.; Böhnke, R.; Kammeyer, K.-D.:
Multi-User Detection in Multicarrier-CDMA Systems. In: e&i journal, Bd. 11 (2002), S. 395-402
Wübben, D.; Böhnke, R.; Rinas, J.; Kühn, V.; Kammeyer, K.-D.:
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Kammeyer, K.-D.; Kühn, V.; Petermann, T.:
Blind and Non-Blind Turbo Estimation for Fast Fading GSM Channels. In: IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Bd. 19, Nr. 9 (9/2001), S. 1718-1728
Fischer, S.; Kühn, V.; Kammeyer, K.-D.:
Satellite Diversity for a LEO Satellite System with CDMA Technology. In: ASSI Satellite Communication Letter, Bd. 1, Nr. 1 (3/2001), S. 5-13
Kühn, V.; Dekorsy, A.; Kammeyer, K.-D.:
Low Rate Channel Coding for CDMA Systems. In: International Journal of Electronics and Communications (AEÜ), Bd. 54, Nr. 6 (10/2000), S. 353-363
Kühn, V.:
Evaluating the Performance of Turbo-Codes and Turbo-Coded Modulation in a DS-CDMA Environment. In: IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Bd. 17, Nr. 12 (12/1999), S. 2139-2147


Neuber, A.; Freudenberger, J.; Kühn, V.:
Coding Theory - Algorithms, Architectures and Applications. UK: John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2007
Kühn, V.:
Wireless Communications over MIMO Channels - Applications to CDMA and Multiple Antenna Systems. Chichester, England: John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2006


Best paper award of VDE-ITG for paper:

A. Scherb, V. Kuehn and K.D. Kammeyer: "Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for Semiblind Channel Estimation with respect to Coded and Uncoded Finite-Alphabet Signals", Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers 2004 , Monterey, USA, 7-10 November 2004