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Image/Video Processing and Coding

BBB Meeting Room


Module number 1350910





Informationstechnik / Technische Informatik

Visual Computing

Computational Engineering

Electrical Engineering


Dr.-Ing. Henryk Richter


Winter semester 3h lectures, 1h seminar


Knowledge about basic and advanced image processing algorithms as well as details of classic and modern approaches and standards for image and video coding


Digitale Signal Processing (recommended)



  • Perception
  • Imaging Basics
  • Camera Model


  • CIE XYZ Color Model
  • Color Matching, Color Space Conversion
  • RGB, CMY(K), YCbCr

Image Processing Basics

  • Image Acquisition
  • Image Processing (Improvement, Restoration, Segmentation)
  • Image Analysis (Classification, Interpretation, Recognition)

Sampling / Quantization

  • Image Resampling
  • Anti-Aliasing and Interpolation filtering
  • Linear and Non-Linear Scalar Quantization
  • Vector Quantization

Discrete Image Characteristics

  • Images as 2D Sequences
  • Discrete 2D Systems, Convolution in Time and Frequency Domain
  • Linear and Non-Linear Scalar Quantization
  • Statistical Properties of Images


  • General discrete signal transformation, Orthogonality
  • 2D Fourier Transform, 2D DFT
  • DCT, Walsh-Hadamard Transform
  • Wavelets and Filter Banks

Image Improvement and Restoration

  • Pixel based techniques
  • Local spatial filtering techniques
  • Global filtering

Image Segmentation

  • Point-dependent Methods
  • Neighbourhood-dependent Methods

Feature Extraction

  • Features (Shape, Histogram, Spectral, Texture, Color)
  • Feature Selection

Pattern Recognition

  • Classifiers (Distance, Sequential)
  • Neural Networks

Data Compression Fundamentals

  • Source Coding Principles
  • Information, Entropy
  • Coding Characteristics, Quality Evaluation


  • Entropy Coding (Shannon, Huffmann, Arithmetic)
  • Adaptive Coding
  • Coding for non-iid. sources


  • Prediction
  • Spectral Decomposition

Still Image Coding Standards

  • JPEG, JPEG-2000

Video Compression

  • Video Compression Basics (Motion Compensation, Picture types and Ordering)
  • Hybrid Video Coding
  • MPEG-1,MPEG-2,H.263,MPEG-4,H.264,H.265
  • Scalable Video Coding and Multiview Coding



Course Material

available on stud.IP


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