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Topics for Student Projects of Communications Engineering

For students who have attended courses at our institute and who would like to deepen their knowledge in them, we offer topics in diverse fields of research and applications (see open topics). Together with your supervisor, you can discuss the topic and and the possibility of incorporating your own ideas into the topic. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation.


Topics in Process

Kind of work Topic List Advisor Issuer Start
Bachelor thesis Room acoustics treatments for improving speech intelligibility in reverberant seminar rooms Dr. Frank Schultz, Prof. Spors Vincent Lutsch 2023
Master thesis Datenbasierte Methoden zur Vorhersage von Probenpositionen in Impedanztomografischen Messungen M.Sc. Lisa Krukewitt, Prof. Spors Julia Richardt 2023

Completed Topics 2023

Kind of work Topic Advisor Issuer Completed
Bachelor thesis Listening test for comparison of differentbinaural rendering VST plugins for Ambisonics recordings Dr. Frank Schultz, Prof. Spors Johannes Otto 06/2023
Bachelor thesis Simulation based perfomance evaluation of automotive SAR M.Sc. Moritz Kahlert, Prof. Weber Mark Redding 04/2023
Master thesis Detecting Loosening of Hip-stem from Structure Borne Sound using Variational Autoencoder (VAE)-based Anomaly Detection Dr. Frank Schultz, Prof. Spors Xiang Zhang 01/2023

Guidlines for Studies

Guidelines (PDF)

Guidelines (zipped tex)