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Topics for Student Projects of Communications Engineering

Students which attend courses our institute and would like to deepen their knowledge we offer topics in different fields of research and application (see open topics). Together with a competent supervisor you discuss the topic and you have the chance to incorporate in your ideas. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation.


Open Topics

Kind of work Topic Work group Contact person
Master Optimization of Distributed Compression and Resource Allocation Prof. Kühn DI Steffen Steiner
Master Probabilistic Shaping for Coded Generalized Spatial Modulation Prof. Kühn DI Clemens-Konrad Müller
Master Constant-Weight Trellis-Codes for Spatial Modulation Prof. Kühn DI Clemens-Konrad Müller
Master thesis Rate Splitting for a K-User Multiple-Input-Single-Output Broadcast Channel Prof. Kühn DI Steffen Steiner
Master project Multi-Carrier Compressed Sensing By Spectral Estimation Methods Prof. Kühn Dr. Henryk Richter
Master project Inverted Pendulum with imparted sensor information Prof. Kühn Dr. Henryk Richter
Bachelor Anwendung von Compressed Sensing in der Schallfeldanalyse Prof. Spors Prof. Spors
Bachelor Bestimmung von Panning-Funktionen durch binaurale Modelle Prof. Spors Prof. Spors
Bachelor Implementierung von Vector-Base Amplitude Panning Prof. Spors Prof. Spors
Master Implementierung einer 3D-Benutzerschnittstelle für räumliche Audiowiedergabe Prof. Spors Prof. Spors
Master Localization of mobile users based on time-of-arrival and direction-of-arrival estimation algorithms in non line-of-sight environments Prof. Weber Prof. Weber
Master project Reconstruction of Signals Compressed by Distributed, Information Bottleneck Optimized Quantizers Prof. Kühn DI Steffen Steiner
Bachelor / Master / Project Aufbau und Inbetriebnahme eines FMCW-Radarsystems Prof. Weber Prof. Weber
Bachelor / Master Reproducibility of Jupyter Notebook Analyses Prof. Spors M.Sc. Max Schröder

Topics in Process

Kind of work Topic List Advisor Issuer Start
Master thesis Implementation und Validation of a Linearly- and Quadratically Constrained Least-Squares Ambisonics-Decoders Dr. Frank Schultz, Prof. Spors Jonas Otto 06/2022
Master thesis Temporal Super-Resolution for EIT measurements Dr. Henryk Richter, Prof. Volker Kühn Jiayu Jin 06/2022
Master thesis Detecting Loosening of Hip-stem from Structure Borne Sound using Variational Autoencoder(VAE)-based Anomaly Detection. Dr. Frank Schultz, Prof. Sascha Spors Xiang Zhang 06/2022

Completed Topics 2021/22

Kind of work Topic Advisor Issuer Completed
Master thesis Probabilistic Shaping for Generalized Spatial Modulation DI Clemens-Konrad Müller, Prof. Volker Kühn Mohammad Mostofianbeh 10/2022
Master thesis Efficient Automated Hyper Parameter Optimization in the Domain of Fraud Detection Dr. Frank Krüger, Prof. Spors Lukas Großehagenbrock 09/2022
Master thesis Automatic software citation type classification in scholarly publications Dr. Frank Krüger, Prof. Sascha Spors Tazin Hossain 08/2022
Bachelor thesis Lungenperfusionsmessungen mittels elektrischer Impedanztomografie M.Sc. Lisa Krukewitt, Prof. Spors Julia Richardt 05/2022
Master project Kanalschätzung in Mehrantennensystemen mit Fokus auf räumlicher Modulation Dr. Henryk Richter, Prof. Kühn Karl-Peter Blynow 09/2021
Master thesis Blind Source Separation in der elektrischen Impedanztomografie M.Sc. Lisa Krukewitt, Prof. Spors Paul Frenkel 09/2021
Master project The Deterministic Information Bottleneck Algorithm DI Steffen Steiner, Prof. Kühn Mohammad Mostofianbeh 09/2021
Master thesis Distributed Quantization with Deterministic Mappings DI Steffen Steiner, Prof. Kühn Muhammad Aziz ur Rehman 09/2021
Master thesis Detection and classification of bats in images Dr. Frank Krüger, Prof. Spors Ehsan Arshad 07/2021
Master thesis Digital Sensing for Partially Cooperating Sensors DI Steffen Steiner, Prof. Kühn Abdulrahman Aminu 06/2021
Master thesis Relation extraction from Wet Lab Protocols Dr. Frank Krüger, Prof. Sascha Spors Rawal Raj 03/2021
Bachelor thesis Räumliche Modulation in Mehrantennensystemen DI Clemens-Konrad Müller, Prof. Kühn Stefan Körner 03/2021

Guidlines for Studies

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