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Research Group Communications Engineering - Project Description

Generic Model of a MIMO-OFDM Radio Link

Todays mobile radio communication is characterized by a multitude of standards and air interfaces, each dedicated to certain services, environments or user terminals. In order to unify this diversification it is expected that future terminals will support a whole bunch of standards covering many air interfaces and applications (also termed fixed mobile convergence). Since the subsriber is generally unable to choose the optimal access system for the desired service, a central unit is required deciding which system meets the requirements best. For this decision, it needs certain quality parameters on which the suitability of different networks can be compared. As analytical calculations and time consuming simulations can not be performed especially in mobile terminals, a generic system model shall be developed in this project. Based on an ideal or an imperfect channel estimation, the model shall provide an estimate of achievable error rates, data rates and outage probabilities.


German National Science Foundation (DFG), 2009 - 2011


Amling, R.; Kühn, V.:
Generic Description of a MIMO-OFDM-Radio-Transmission-Link. Rohling, H. (ed.): OFDM Concepts for Future Communication Systems, ch. 4.2, pp. 115-121, Berlin, SPRINGER, 2011
ISBN: 978-3-642-17495-7