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Meurer, M.; Weber, T.:
On the impact of imperfect channel knowledge on transmit zero forcing based receiver oriented multi-user MIMO transmission. In: IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (2004)

Contributions to Collections:

Baier, P. W.; Jötten, C. A.; Meurer, M.; Weber, T.; Weckerle, M.; Tröger, H.; Lu, Y.; Oster, J.:
Recent Progress in Time Slotted CDMA. Ma, Jian-Guo (ed.): Third Generation Communication Systems. ch. 5, pp. 121-164, Berlin, Springer-Verlag, 2004

Contributions to Proceedings:

Meurer, M.; Weber, T.; Qiu, W.:
A random matrix approach to performance evaluation of receiver-oriented transmission. Proc. 4. Diskussionssitzung der ITG-Fachgruppe Angewandte Informationstheorie, Kiel, 2004
Jötten, C. A.; Baier, P. W.; Meurer, M.; Heilmann, S.; Weber, T.; Maurer, J.:
Reduced complexity signature based mobile terminal location relying on the knowledge of directional channel impulse responses. Proc. IEEE 60th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC'04-Fall), vol. 5, pp. 3550-3554, Los Angeles, 2004
Liu, Y.; Weber, T.; Zirwas, W.:
Uplink Performance of a Service Area Based Multiuser Mobile Radio System. Proc. 9th International OFDM-Workshop (InOWo'04), pp. 17-21, Dresden, 2004
Meurer, M.; Baier, P. W.; Weber, T.; Jötten, C. A.; Heilmann, S.:
SPIDER: Enhanced distance based localization of mobile radio terminals. Proc. IEEE 60th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC'04-Fall), vol. 5, pp. 3521-3525, Los Angeles, 2004
Weber, T.; Meurer, M.; Zirwas, W.:
Low Complexity Energy Efficient Joint Transmission for OFDM Multiuser Downlinks. Proc. 15th International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC'04), vol. 2, pp. 1095-1099, Barcelona, 2004
Weber, T.; Meurer, M.:
Imperfect Channel State Information in MIMO-Transmission. Proc. IEEE 59th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC'04-Spring), vol. 2, pp. 693-697, Milan, 2004
Weber, T.; Meurer, M.; Zirwas, W.:
A MIMO based OFDM system concept for beyond 3G mobile radio systems. COST 273 TD(04)084, Gothenburg, 2004
Weber, T.; Meurer, M.:
An information theory based approach to localization. Proc. 3. Diskussionssitzung der ITG-Fachgruppe Angewandte Informationstheorie, Ulm, 2004
Schulz, E.; Weckerle, M.; Weber, T.; Meurer, M.:
The OFDM based beyond 3G air interface JOINT featuring interference reduction by joint detection and joint transmission. Proc. 8th WWRF Meeting, Beijing, 2004
Maniatis, I.; Weber, T.:
Channel Estimation with Array Antennas in OFDM based Mobile Radio Systems. COST 273 TD(04)009, Athens, 2004
Meurer, M.; Weber, T.:
Imperfect channel knowledge: An insurmountable barrier in Rx oriented multi-user MIMO transmission?. Proc. 5th ITG Conference on Source and Channel Coding (SCC'04), pp. 371-379, Erlangen, 2004
Weber, T.; Meurer, M.:
Transmit Nonlinear Zero Forcing for OFDM Multiuser Downlinks. COST 273 TD(04)008, Athens, 2004
Meurer, M.; Baier, P. W.; Weber, T.; Jötten, C. A.; Heilmann, S.:
Smart Position Identification Rationale (SPIDER), an enhanced distance based conception for locating mobile radio terminals. Proc. VDE-Kongress 2004, pp. 53-58, Berlin, 2004
Meurer, M.; Weber, T.; Qiu, W.:
Transmit Nonlinear Zero Forcing: Energy Efficient Receiver Oriented Transmission in MIMO CDMA Mobile Radio Downlinks. Proc. IEEE 8th International Symposium on Spread Spectrum Techniques & Applications (ISSSTA'04), pp. 260-269, Sydney, 2004
Qiu, W.; Meurer, M.; Baier, P. W.; Weber, T.:
Power efficient CDMA broadcast system doing without any channel knowledge at the receivers, a non-obvious modification of THP. Proc. Joint Conference of 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications and 5th International Symposium on Multi-Dimensional Mobile Communications APCC 2004 / MDC 2004, pp. 793-799, Beijing, 2004