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Weber, T.; Sklavos, A.; Meurer, M.:
Imperfect Channel State Information in MIMO Transmission. In: IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 54, no. 3 (3/2006), pp. 543-552
Meurer, M.; Weber, T.; Klein, A.:
Hybrid localization with temporal post-processing. In: Frequenz, vol. 60, no. 5/6 (2006), pp. 99-102

Contributions to Proceedings:

Deng, S.; Weber, T.; Ahrens, A.:
Interference Statistics in the Downlink of Service Area Based Mobile Radio Networks. Proc. 11th International OFDM-Workshop (InOWo'06), pp. 31-35, Hamburg, 2006
Weber, T.; Ahrens, A.; Buch, T.; Deng, S.:
Exploiting Second Order Statistics in MIMO Channel Estimation. Proc. 2006 IST Summit, Myconos, 2006
Palleit, N.; Ahrens, A.; Lange, C.:
Transmit Power Allocation in SVD-equalized Broadband MIMO Transmission Systems. International Conference on Advances in the Internet, Processing, Systems and Interdisciplinary Research (IPSI), New York (USA), 2006