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Research Group Communications Engineering - Project Description

Mutual Information based ARQ- Concepts in Relay Networks

Relay networks have received much attention in the research community during the last 10 years. In combination with Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) concepts adaptive relay protocols are established. Conventional ARQ schemes only acknowledge a successful or unsuccessful reception of a packet, i.e. they feedback 1 bit to the transmitter. If additional information like the link SNR or the missing mutual information for successful decoding are fed back as well, substantial improvements can be achieved.

In this project, the received mutual information shall be fed back in order to adapt the transmission to current channel conditions. The goal is to develop strategies to minimize the resource consumption while providing exactly as much information as necessary for a successful decoding at the destination. The resulting optimization problem has to be solved for simple repetition coding at the relay as well as for incremental redundancy.


German National Science Foundation (DFG), 2010 - 2013


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