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Contributions to Collections:

Maniatis, I.; Weber, T.; Weckerle, M.:
Eploiting A-Priori Information for Channel Estimation in Multiuser OFDM Mobile Radio Systems. Fazel, Khaled; Kaiser, Stefan (ed.): Multi-Carrier Spread-Spectrum for Future Generation Wireless Systems. pp. 235-242, Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003
Proc. 4th International Workshop on Multi-Carrier Spread Spectrum (MC-SS 2003)

Contributions to Proceedings:

Meurer, M.; Qiu, W.; Weber, T.:
An advanced approach to Joint Transmission: Design of energy efficient transmit signals by Transmit Nonlinear Zero Forcing. Workshop "Senderseitige Signalverarbeitung im Mobilfunk", Dresden, 2003
Weber, T.; Meurer, M.:
Influence of Channel estimation Errors on Joint Detection and Joint Transmission. Workshop "Senderseitige Signalverarbeitung im Mobilfunk", Dresden, 2003
Weber, T.; Meurer, M.:
Optimum Joint Transmission: Potentials and Dualities. Proc. 6th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC'03), vol. 1, pp. 79-83, Yokosuka, 2003
Weber, T.; Liu, Y.; Maniatis, I.; Meurer, M.:
Performance of a Multiuser OFDM Mobile Radio System with Joint Detection. Proc. 8th International OFDM-Workshop (InOWo'03), pp. 191-195, Hamburg, 2003
Weber, T.; Sklavos, A.; Liu, Y.; Weckerle, M.:
The Air Interface Concept JOINT for Beyond 3G Mobile Radio Networks. Proc. 15th International Conference on Wireless Communications (WIRELESS 2003), vol. 1, pp. 25-33, Calgary, 2003
Meurer, M.; Weber, T.:
The soft symbol: soft quantization and higher-order modulation, a contradiction?. Proc. 2. Diskussionssitzung der ITG-Fachgruppe Angewandte Informationstheorie, pp. 86-91, Dresden, 2003
Weber, T.; Maniatis, I.:
Channel Knowledge: A Crucial Prerequisite for MIMO Transmission?. COST 273 TD(03)083, Paris, 2003
Weber, T.; Meurer, M.:
Joint Detection and Joint Transmission - Unexpected Nondualities Concerning the Influence of Channel Estimation Errors. COST 273 TD(03)152, Prague, 2003
Meurer, M.; Weber, T.:
Generalized data estimate refinement techniques for iterative multiuser detection in TD-CDMA including higher order modulation. Proc. 10th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT'03), vol. 1, pp. 781-787, Papeete, 2003
Weber, T.; Meurer, M.:
Potential of Optimum Joint Transmission. Proc. 1. Diskussionssitzung der ITG-Fachgruppe Angewandte Informationstheorie, Erlangen, 2003
Weber, T.; Meurer, M.; Sklavos, A.:
Optimum Nonlinear Joint Transmission. COST 273 TD(03)008, Barcelona, 2003